Where the Wild Things Are

Posted by Posted by Karmander On 10:40 AM

I have not yet seen it. Obviously. That doesn't matter. I've seen the trailer, and perhaps I get a little over-emotional when I see quality graphic design, but that damn trailer moves me to tears. I may be the only one who cries because it's so good, but I'm not alone in holding high opinions of this not yet released movie. What makes it so good, you may ask? Well there are a few listable reasons which I will bring up, but the broad stroke of it is...it's magic. The way everything works together is a magical cord that plugs into the human experience and when you feel that connection, it's...well...magical. This trailer has the keen ability to plug right into my heart. Okay, I promised reasons.
1. Earth-The film is so natural. You can feel the crisp leaves, the soft breeze, the fur on the monster's back, the mother's hug...everything heightens the senses of the imagination to make the experience of viewing the film that much more authentic. Yes, other movies have that, but so much gets lost to cgi fakery and shiny, unfamiliar wonders. This film has unfamiliar things rooted in what is VERY familiar to anyone who was ever a child.
2. THAT AUDIO!! If you pay attention, it starts out with a cool little guitar ditty that fits a modern, indie feel with childlike, but not TOO childlike, amusement. As it continues and gets more dramatic and exciting, the music does too. The swell of the instruments is just awesome. But that's par for course. Across the Universe had a great trailer audio as well. But then WTWTA took it a step farther and brought that trailer back from the edge of the cliff back to the modern indie music we heard before but faster, more delightful and exciting. And it does all this without missing a beat! The way the video matches the audio is just...pfff, WOW.
3. It's so now. It's got the hand-drawn graphic design elements that are so in vogue now, and it's got that indie music. It's a trailer that can appeal to even the most jaded of hipsters as well as the most naive child.
In short, I cannot WAIT for October to roll around and finally see the fruits of such spectacular labor.


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