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My name is Emily Adrianson, I am 26 years old (until August 28), and I am a graphic designer and fledgling web designer. I am still learning and navigating my way around xhtml, css, javascript and actionscript. I am also a devoted illustrator, and that right there's the dream. To draw all day and NOT sit in @#$&!-#$#%$@#% TRAFFIC. (I have major issues with it, if you can't tell.)

I started this blog because I was driven to do so. I am a huge movie buff (some might say 'geek'...i would not object) and have a healthy appreciation for a large variety of film genres. This doesn't mean I'm strictly all about good movies. Certainly, I think it's important not to let the brain get too heavily involved in the film-going experience. It's meant to be a visceral, emotional response, and to analyze it cerebrally is an insult to the art form. It'd be like criticizing a book because you don't care for the font they used to type it. "Oh, my, yes, I had a terrible time reading that particular book because of all those damndable serifs, I mean REALLY...How does one expect one to make out a word with all those excessive tabs all over each letter..." Judging a film based on common sense is sometimes...sometimes...unfair. David Lynch makes no damn sense at all, but his films are haunting, expressive and tap into that part of the mind nobody dares go.

Anyway...I am also a mediocre musician/jazz singer, I have a bachelor's in English Lit and that's been enormously useful...ahm...and I'm sure you'll get to know more about me as you explore this page. Thanks for visiting, and please come back!


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