Velvet Goldmine

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I'll be honest, my first time seeing this movie, I was simultaneously bored, confused, suspicious and dreading "what would come next". It seemed a movie that always threatened to turn horribly ugly.

Since then, it has become one of my favorite flicks and has served to shape my worldview and reveal to me beauties I had never before in make-up, for instance. It has a fabulous cast, the stunning Toni Colette, Euan McGregor (full monty, thank you very much!), Eddie Izzard, and a young Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who proved to be everything Brian Slade was, charming, haunting, mysterious, and moody.
The movie revolves around the Glittermania of the early to mid 70s in England, a movie inspired by but not about David Bowie and Iggy Pop. It addresses a sexual revolution, one that permitted homosexuality and bisexuality and rather poo-pooed straight sexuality. Androgyny was explored to great length, and how Brian Slade/Maxwell Demon affected the lives of his fans raised into rigidly "normal" households. It also gets into Oscar Wilde and the mythology of his fame and legacy, and how Wilde seems to be a connecting thread between himself and the Space Oddity of the 1970's Glitter scene. A Dandy that passed along his special powers to the future of Dandys (Dandies?). And if you were to go on, you'd see how that thread continued into the 80s with The Smiths and Bryan Ferry and so on into the future. The line never dies, it just moves from one thing to the next with interludes of darkness. The actual plot is your typical Rockstar rise and fall, nothing particularly extraordinary or worth re-telling. This film is all about the philosophy of Ziggy Stardust and his Ilk.

Also worth noting, it has a KILLER soundtrack. If you ever have the oppurtunity to listen to that album, I highly recommend you do so. For some of you out there, it may change your life.


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